Mountainlands Nature Reserves benefits from a multi-level approach aimed at optimising the tourism, conservation, investment and economic development potential of the greater Barberton area.

This approach focussed on the natural attributes of the region and laid the foundation for further development which is now taking place. These initiatives and the related studies also created the base from which sound planning and developmental decisions could be made for the reserve.

These pages provide an outline of some of these projects which directly impact on the reserve. For further information about projects that impacted on the reserve, reports and strategy documents can be downloaded on the links provided in this section. These studies often capture a particular planning process with recommendations made from the perspective of that process. Not all such recommendations were always accepted or implemented and additionally the vast scope of these projects often implies that many of the elements of the plans are for long term implementation. This multi-level approach is in large part responsible for the growth experienced by the local tourism economy and will undoubtedly influence the future growth that is not only expected but actively planned for.

Map showing how the regional initiatives overlap around Barberton and Mountainlands Nature Reserve.