In line with the newfound impetus around positioning Barberton as tourist destination, Barberton Tourism plays an important role in marketing the town and region. 

Barberton Tourism is a non-profit company which is a partnership between the local tourism industry, businesses and the local municipality. As a non-profit company all funds, including any operational profits are used to promote the objectives of the company and cannot benefit any individual or member. The company was incorporated on 26 April 2005 and its full registered name is Barberton Community Tourism. The objective of the company is to promote tourism in and around Barberton.


The company operates an information centre on Market Square in Barberton. Services include travel information, bookings, website, marketing and promotions, events, tourism research and planning, and an array of membership services.


Barberton Tourism is also playing a supporting role in driving the Barberton Makhonjwa Mountains World Heritage Site and has initiated the branding of the area in line with the unique geology and natural attributes along the theme “Genesis of Life”. Read more about the unique World Heritage on UNESCO’s page … 

The geotrail along the paved R40 road, winds its way across the high mountains to the Swazi border. Numerous colourful and well-designed information tablets at lay-by’s along the road and accompanying guidebooks inform about landscape, nature, and the stories the rocks have to tell. Read more … 


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