Mountainlands welcomes new giraffes

It was a historical moment when six Southern Giraffes were recently successfully translocated to Mountainlands with two more expected within the next few weeks. Save Giraffes Now ( donated the animals to the reserve. This non-profit organization campaigns for the saving of all giraffe species in Africa.
The giraffes made the journey from the Hoedspruit area to Mountainlands in two batches in a specially designed truck that accommodated their height.

A giraffe observing its new home from the truck.

The first animals that arrived were housed in the newly constructed bomas. They were released to join the new arrivals when they were off-loaded directly into the veld. It was an exciting day for conservation as this was only the second time that giraffes have been introduced to the reserve.

The first animals to be housed in the new bomas.

The giraffes will play an important role in restoring ecosystem functions as they browse trees at heights that other animals, such as kudu, cannot reach. In this way they will assist in reshaping vegetation and with the dispersal of seeds due to their selective browsing habits.

One of the giraffes settling in on the reserve.

Few people realise that the giraffe population in Africa has declined with about 40 percent in the last 30 years and that these animals have already become extinct in 7 countries that formed part of their historical range.
The translocation has been an amazing effort and with the support from Save Giraffes Now, Mountainlands can play its part in conserving these graceful animals.