New big game bomas

Ina Kilbride visiting the bomas

Thanks to the generous support of the Spirit Wildlife Foundation, two sturdy and spacious stockades or bomas, have been built on Mountainlands. The bomas are designed to house various big game animals.

The two bomas seen from the road with main loading ramp in the center.

In the past, animals introduced to the reserve were released straight from trucks into the veld. The bomas open several new possibilities in the ongoing rewilding of the reserve. Animal species that need time to settle and habituate to their new environment before being released, can be housed there. Or it can temporarily house sick or injured animals that need treatment. It can also be used to temporarily hold animals caught for relocation to other nature reserves.

Some really sturdy gates are needed.

Our heartfelt thanks to the Kilbride family and the Spirit Wildlife Foundation for this generous contribution to the reserve.