Giraffes released on Mountainlands

Just six days after World Giraffe Day, four giraffes (scientific name: Giraffa camelopardalis) made Mountainlands their new home. They were captured yesterday morning on Songimvelo Nature Reserve close to Badplaas and were released on Mountainlands the same afternoon. The two bulls and two cows are between three and four years old and will stand around 4.5 to 5.5 meters tall when mature. Thanks to the professional game capture teams, the capture and transfer went off smoothly.

World Giraffe Day was on 21 June (winter solstice in the southern hemisphere and summer solstice in the northern hemisphere) to celebrate the tallest animal on the longest night or day of the year.

The giraffes arrived in a truck specially designed for their transport.

When the door opened, one poked its head out to have a quick look around for to see if it was safe, before they dashed out.

A safe exit.

And a dignified getaway.

They paused on a hillside, looking back at the truck and curious humans, before they disappeared over the horizon.


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