Detailed geological map welcomed

In 2010 we reported on this blog about field research and detailed mapping being done by geology student Jonathan Engelhardt from the Free University of Berlin, Germany which included the southern parts of Mountainlands (See: Germans map geological features). His focus was on the farms Dycedale, De Bilt, Twello and Wonderscheur.

Recently his tutor, professor Christoph Heubeck, who Jonathan describes as a sedimentological guru, presented the final student report and map to the reserve. His study area mainly consisted of the Moodies Group (ca. 3.23 billion years old) of rocks, which include, among others, terrestrial and shallow-marine conditions.  We extend our appreciation to both Jonathan and Prof Heubeck as this report is a welcome addition to understanding the geology of the reserve.

A principle agreement was also reached for the Free University of Berlin to conduct further long term research in the reserve. The aim of this is to expand the knowledge of the unique geology of the central and northern sections of the Tentatively Listed World Heritage Site.

(from right): Prof Christoph Heubeck discussing the geological map and report with Nico Oosthuizen, Sandy Ferrar and local ecologist Tony Ferrar.

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