More red hartebeest introduced

The official arrival of spring on 1 September saw the introduction of more red hartebeest to Mountainlands. This is part of the ongoing stocking program and to augment the gene pool of the hartebeest populations on the reserve. Unfortunately they came out of the truck at such speed that we mostly only managed to photograph their fast disappearing rear ends.

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  1. Hanno Rottier says:

    It is wonderfull to see further stocking taking place! When are we likely to get news of new species introduced such as Giraffe?

  2. Hanno Rottier says:

    It is great to see the introduction of the Impala and Wildebeest after the Red hartebeest only recently…….if this is a trend we trust that we are going to see the floodgates open to species that we do not currently have on the reserve.
    Thanks to all involved in making this happen. It makes me even more excited to spend a few days during the December holiday at Mountainlands.

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