Arty new friends

Renowned artists Leonora Everard Haden and daughter Nichola Alice Leigh recently visited Mountainlands.

Leonora Everard Haden (Left) and daughter Nichola Alice Leigh (Right) during their visit.

During a two day stint they took several photos and did pastel proofs with the intent to do oil landscape paintings. They are the third and fourth generation of artists collectively known as “The Everard Group”, that is known for their bold depictions of the Mpumalanga landscape.  They plan to return to Mountainlands in the near future and it is expected that several paintings of the landscape will follow. To learn more about “The Everard Group” visit:

Leonora at work on the Saddleback hill showing in the background.

Leonora’s pastel of Saddleback hill.

Nichola’s pastel of Saddleback hill om Mountainlands.

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