Second bioblitz for Mountainlands

Biodiversity scientists will once again take part in a bioblitz on Mountainlands Nature Reserve from 12-14 April 2013. A bioblitz is a snapshot inventory of species and people volunteer their time and expertise to assess biodiversity. And this time round the bioblitz will be combined with an Mpumalanga Plant Specialist Group outing.

During April many plants are in seed, therefore the species assemblage changes and assessing the area now will form a more complete picture of what plants and insects occur there. The information gained from the survey will be used to generate a list of species for the reserve, as well as the occurrence and distribution of threatened plants, which in turn will feed into management plans.

The bioblitz enhances the camaraderie among scientists as it’s an event where they enjoy themselves and share discoveries. The support of Crossings Superspar and that of various individuals contribute to the success of the event.

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