PRICE : R 5 500 000 – Full title, serviced land;  Including VAT and transfer costs

Now and again one finds a place that fulfills dreams. A level place with soul-lifting views and spreading trees like Dikbas, Wild Custard-apple and Marula. Protected from major winds, there are two dramatically different views. To the north, folded and forested land drops away to Hyslops Creek, and rises again to serene grassed peaks. To the west, beyond a thickly wooded glade, well grassed east-facing slopes give views of zebra or mountain reed buck. This site calls you to stay and listen; crested francolins call, and a trusting group of white helmet-shrikes leap-frog through shrubbery. Heavenly.

The panoramic views from the site are breath-taking, stretching from south-west to the east.

This very special north-facing site lies just below the high shoulder of a foothill ridge. Located in bushveld or montane savannah vegetation, its character is enhanced by having larger and more varied trees than its surroundings. This is due in part to several very old prospecting scrapes, now totally reclaimed and natural looking. The hollows and spoil mounds, having encouraged unusual tree growth, also provide features for creative landscaping.

The outlook is also unique as within the spectacular panoramic arc there are two very distinct views; one to the north looking down the wooded Hyslop’s Creek valley and the other to the west into a perfectly secluded valley whose opposite hillside is crisscrossed with zebra paths. The building footprint is located just in front of the main woodland patch. Marula and Lannea trees bracket the entrance road; Stamvrugte and Wild Custard-apple provide food plants and features wherever you look. The large trees provide shelter and the crowns of others, just beyond the sharp drop below the site; frame the views in all directions. The building footprint is large, providing plenty of space and scope for creativity, especially among the rocks and trees behind the site.

This site already feels like a home without any building being necessary. Many wildlife species such a zebra, impala and bush pig still use their ancient trails that cross the site. Crested francolin challenge their neighbours in strident duets; while red eyed doves drop in silently to feed on the wild olives.

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