PRICE : R 5 500 000 – Full title, serviced land;  Including VAT and transfer costs

The name describes the ornamental prow of this site, a jutting rock-garden of gnarled Stamvrug and Koko Trees softened by ferns and moss, forest-star sedge and delicate scarlet Crassula. From this west-ward ridge are stunning views; to the south a contained view of serene Saddleback mountain, and to the north through the steep and jagged poort of Fourteen Streams into the distant De Kaap valley. The footprint of the lodge is set just north-east of the ridge, in a grove of Rock Alder, Crow Berry and Sickle-bush, where canaries sing and chin-spot battis flits through the branches.

View north over the Hyslop’s Creek ravine in the foreground.

The site is located midway up a wooded ridge tucked into a thicket near the crest. It faces down Hyslop’s Creek with a dramatic view over the nearby crags and winding valleys. The footprint stretches from the crest down a gentle north-west facing slope among trees that screen the site from the south. The rocky Stamvrug ridge to the south-west provides the physical signature for the site, a curved and densely wooded spine of short thickset mountain trees with their roots obviously tapping some mysterious source of ground water.

The veld type is Mountain Bushveld, as is most of the broken landscape to the north. Typical Acacia and Karee species dominate with a large Buffalo Thorn (Ziziphus mucronata) at the centre of the building site. Densely evergreen Stamvrug dominate the ridge along with Koko Trees (Maytenus undata) and Velvet Bushwillow. A mountain reedbuck found us there, so still and hidden, we paused endlessly in mutual respect and curiosity. Porcupines and zebras of course, leave their visiting cards everywhere.

From left: South-west view towards Saddleback mountain. View to the east. Looking to the north from the building footprint.

From the back of the building site, views are accessible through the short trees to the south. Access will be from the slope above and to the east of the site, well screened by the upper levels of the bushveld thicket.

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